Top 5 Famous YouTubers of India 2018

Top 5 Famous YouTubers of India 2018

Hey everyone! here is the top 5 famous YouTubers list of India, maybe your favorite youtube is in this list so! check it out, Guys! This list is according to their popularity

1- BB Ki Vines

You can call him one-man army because he plays all character of video by himself, His first love is music, he recently releases his two big hits song ‘Teri Meri Khaani ” &” Safar”. he is solo youtuber. he already collab with TVF and people really love his content and he also becomes the first youtuber who cross 1 billion milestones. right now he has 8.6 M subscribers and more than 1 billion views on his channel.

link of BB ki vines channel

2-Amit Bhadana

He is also great youtuber, that really got fame into the short period of time! and he works in a team, and all his social media platform are handled by a media company, you can find the name of that company in the about section of that company. right now he has 8.2 M subscribers and more Than 500 Millions views on his channel.

channel link –

3- Carryminati

He also my favorite too, he is the youngest yotuber of India , which is very famous right now, he mostly makes roast videos, and people really love their videos, His real name is Ajey Nagar, he belongs to Faridabad city. right now he has two channel named “CarryMinati” his main channel and “Carryislive” where he mostly live stream of games with great comedy. right now he has 3.6 M subscribers

channel link

4- harsh beniwal

He is also a funny youtuber of India, who has a huge fan following, he mostly makes comedy videos!

people love him and love their videos! right now he has 3.5 M subscribers!

channel link –

5- Technical guruji

he runs a technical youtube channel, I think this is the most successful tech channel of India, you will find the great knowledge on his channel, gadgets reviews and app reviews and tech talks, he gives you the right information to you! he has 7.2 M subscriber today’s date

channel link –

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