Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors | Electrical Car In India

Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors | Electrical Car In India 

Tata Motors  Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors just recently his first electric car with his ever long concept EV,(The EVision), at The Geneva Motor show, March 2018, The Tata EVision is Supported by Tata Motors new modular Platform, OMEGA ARC, this is share with upcoming TATA Harrier, actually designed some amazing , you can see photos , this will going a big car in the history , this car is designed according to the latest  impact 2.0 philosophy, it has a dashing look from outside as well good interior system.

Concept model of Tata Harrier


The HX5 Tata EVision concept too offers multiple screens with wood inlays, this car show what TATA Motors can achieve in the car market in the electric vehicle, EVision’s Specifications are still a hidden truth for the fans of this car, This offers  sub-7 second 0-100kmph time & its top speed is 200kmph. Evision also has a dual motor system like Tesla. it can go 300km over a single charge. Tata EVision’s production-specification version is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain by Tata Motors


Some Beautiful Images of this Car, you Will love it 

Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors


 Here is another View from backside 


Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors

What People say about Tata EVision by Tata Motors

Some People says this is going to be the best car by Tata Motors, people will give too much love to this beautiful car. People love its class of beauty, what an amazing look, with great tyre design and its lighting. it has to charge feature that makes it pollution free car and zero Fuel cost. Some People said it’s not a good concept, they told what we have to go somewhere and we are in hurry and our such situation what we do? like in fuel carr we have to just give them fuel and its start working within a few seconds. Yes, the point is totally valid and apart from this people think it has less power than fuel car, as I am the author of this website I want to say there is always cons and prons of anything. we know nothing is perfect. if you take of these cars, electric cars can be very useful for us & our future.

What Experts Say about This car

“Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors amazing looking car Made In India all-wheel-drive electric sedan with a Land Rover foundation sounds awesome”

Things People like  in EVision Electric

  • EVision’s platform is also derived from The car Land Rover’s renowned & proven D8 architecture
  • dual electric motors all-wheel-drive setup
  • fast with a 0-100kmph time under 7 sec & a top speed of 200kmph
  • Looks amazing with its Dashing Design

Things People don’t like  in EVision Electric

  • Its Specifications are still undercover  & its performance
  • the interior is made up wood appliques & extensive use of leather
  • People Are expecting it should be hybrid (both Electic And fuel support)

This can be a new revolution in the Auto vehicle, Hope so this Tata EVision Electric Tata Motors can help who wants to save petrol and can help to save the environment. if you like this car then go buy it. if have you have a question regarding this Comment Below and tell us on

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