How to Be the Best Programmer?

How to Be the Best Programmer?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day! today I will tell how can you be the best programmer in this world!

What is a programmer?

A programmer is which can code something in a language in which a computer can understand, and he will give instruct into his code and that’s code give commands to that system to do a particular task. That  is called a programmer

How can someone become a good programmer

You need to just pick a one programming language to make programs and first learn some fundamentals of language and start from some basic programs and just do practics as u can, practics make men perfect so just give your 100% so that will help you to achieve your dreams. this is “how to be the best programmer”. programming is a great tool with the help you can make new things, you can tell the computer to calculate the numbers or somewhat like this. just think once if we remove the calculator or mobile phone from our daily life, really we even cannot imagine life without these things, because they made our life so easy and comfortable. and one is the best this about programming  you know what if you know programming you don’t need to buy software if you have essential knowledge about programming and software development

what language should you choose for coding?

I suggest if you are new to coding then you should try with c or c+ +. they make u thinking strong how logical is your mind, after that, you can change your language according to your requirement

 Best website for coding practice

here are some website links where you can do practice and can find some interesting questions






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