Make Youtube Money ?? Best way

Make Money Youtube??

Hello, guys welcome back in another post! today I will tell you how you can make money from youtube and many people are making money from youtube and they earn a lot you even cannot think that number. with the help of this article and you can make youtube money. I will tell how thinks actually works! let’s begin!

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1 Just think a great idea and make sure it is not yet available on youtube and create your own channel and give it a good name and a style cover photo and a good looking image.

2. you don’t know what you post on youtube you just saw a video that had million on views and you start thinking let’s make this such kind of video that definitely work but first NEVER THINK LIKE THIS ! if you do this you won’t do better on what i told u and you can make youtube money

Now the Question is how I can make a good amount of money?

The answer is simple if you follow my steps u an get successful on youtube have to do some research before making a video and you have to figure out what topic is trending on right now. if you know what actual people searching on youtube, then you can get more views and more subscribers on youtube and do a regular upload. don’t lose hope if you won’t get the views on your first video, if you do regular upload on the channel and one day your one video will definitely  go viral that changes your whole life ! so keep do your best and you can make youtube money

Make youtube money here money making tips

Actual youtube never pay for your views they always pay! how many times ads run your video! actual youtube takes money from the advertisers and they pay us, because YouTubers are the publisher of the youtube, that how YouTubers makes money! so what are you waiting for you! start your own channel and make money! and you can make youtube money. all the best

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