How do I Disable Like & Dislike on YouTube Video?

How do I Disable Like & Dislike on YouTube Video?

Hey! today everyone is on youtube and everyone has at least one channel in this century! i will show u

Disable Like & Dislike

As everyone knows, today internet is growing so fast and people avoid tv, they prefer to watch video on youtube and most people have their own channel and they want to earn money from youtube, and sometimes people just want to hide the how much their video got like / dislike , they don’t want people will know how much that video got to like & dislike!

Why We need to Hide The like and dislike ???

suppose I started a youtube channel and I don’t want to people see how much my video got to like and dislike!. this usually happened when someone who knows me in real life, maybe he can be  my friends or relative, so maybe he can criticize me  if  I go bad reviews ,”like why are you posting stuff like this-this is not good”, stop such things  some people want to show  like & dislike, they don’t accept this, this post is basically for those people who want to hide like / dislikes. all right you don’t need to worry about it, you have given you a solution for this, here you can do it

How you can hide them. let’s do it !!


1- login into your Youtube account
2- find the “video Manager” you will find this on the dashboard section and but first you have to go into the creator studio section.

3- In video manager, you will video and edit button next to a video

4- just click on the edit button and go to advanced setting and just uncheck the “Users can view ratings for this video”.

5- At last you have to “save changes”.

Great you have done successfully hide the like and dislike

Have a great Day! thanks for reading!


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