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Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile:

Hey People! Yes you read the title correctly, Its easy Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile, but first you Need to Know About what things you know, how actually it works, basically you need to know who will give the money,You Don’t Need to worry about anything, here you will find enough knowledge to Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile. 

Who Will Give the Money?

First of all, I want to make clear for you, WhatsApp will not give money, because they don’t have a direct program right now Till date. Maybe possible in future, now the question is who will give money if you Whatsapp Don’t have a direct method Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile.

Methods to Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile:

Here is some method, I tried and I made some money, if you have a good number of the contact, you can also make a good amount of money, money amount totally depends upon, how much you have contact or simple word how many you can advertise yourself

1 Affiliate programs: I think this is the best method, to earn, the affiliate market is very huge potential, in this program, in this programs you have to promote the company’s product, and you will get commission if any of product is sold by your links, so its better way to earn money if you just share your referral links . what is the biggest problem you can face in the programs you don’t have a market where you share such kinds, yes its possible just make some WhatsApp groups and share links in these groups so you can Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile, suppose A Person buy a phone from your link and mobile price is 10000 INR and suppose you get commission 1000 per phone, this interesting fact of this programs you don’t need to create product, simple just you have to sell it & you will commission, so easy !!!

some good useful affiliate programs: Amazon affiliate program, Flipkart etc.

2. Refer of Apps : This is also a great way to Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile because, interesting thing about of this things you don’t need to wait like affiliate program, if someone is bought that product form your links  only then you will get commision and I know an affiliate you need to work hard but once you get proper market there is huge profit in that market, but in referral apps u don’t need to do much work, you have to send to links to some person who will sign up from your links , and you will get money, so easy thinks , best  apps best refers  app I think, which are some of my favourite Google Tez, PhonePe, DBS(DIGI Bank App), Paytm, there are huge list .
Earn Money With Whatsapp on Mobile
3. Youtube & website : This also a great way that you can promote your youtube channel and website, as you know guys youtube pay a lot of money if you have a good number of views on videos or good traffic on your website, suppose you made a video for you YouTube, you can share it with your friends or some relative so that generate views and views means money, similar in case you can do with your website,you share your website links to your friends so you can get traffic , but I recommended you guys don’t share much video links or website links, because sometimes you can not rank your video by sharing links, because if you do more, that is called spamming , you can make youtube money  Read Here

Hope so you like this article Guys! Thanks

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