BB Ki Vines v/s Amit Bhadana | 10M Race | who will win ?

BB Ki Vines v/s Amit Bhadana | 10M Race | who will win?

As everyone knows BB Ki Vines v/s Amit Bhadana both are very popular YouTubers of India, now they are very close to hitting a 10M milestone, now everyone is guessing is who is going to hit the first 10M, let me tell them about some brief idea about them.

BB Ki Vines

I think he is the first man who inspired people to come on youtube and make laugh people, he is one-man-army. he plays all rolls in his video, sometimes, he is bencho, hola, titu mama, papa, mom, sammer etc.. lots of character, people very love his video, he is very good entertainer as good singer , there are great hits, you can search on google for his songs, nowadays he is shouting his debut film Plusminus, People are very excited about it, he also collaborate the international youtuber Amanda Cerny.

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Amit Bhadana

now lets talk about Amit bhadana , he is very rising star of Indian  youtube community, his channel grow like a rocket, when amit start his channel, bb was already crossed 1M subscribers, as you guys can imagine how amit bhadana grow his channel, Amit make videos on daily life , and desi style, how desi people live their life, people are watching his  video and love his videos, I think he is the fastest growing channel in India

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What is 10M Race?

Actually, both YouTubers are very close 10M subscribers. so people start guessing who will hit 10M first, there are many websites which show some data, with the help of them you can predict, who will hit the first 10M. but I want to say anything can be people its data it can be changed anytime, so nobody can exactly guess! so keep guessing people.

What these YouTubers thinks about 10M

Actually, They never talk about this 10M race, none of them talk openly about 10M. once BB reply to his fans about 10M, BB said, we both are an entertainer, he never thinks about the number, it never matters who hit the first 10M, but he will be happy because of an Indian hits 10M, but the rate of uploading a video became, now they upload regular one videos in a week, that is not usual because  they upload one video in month, now their action say everything both want to hit 10M and want to create history. This is first time in history this happening an Indian YouTubers are going to hit 10M ,

What does Will get after 10M?

as youtube sends to his youtubers once they cross the milestone,

Youtube PlayButtions:

youtube silver play button after crossing the 1 lakh subscribers on youtube

golden play button after crossing 1 million subscribers on youtube

Golden Play Button

after 10M YouTubers will get the diamond play button, there are very few people in this world that they have this award, it is a very big achievement for a youtuber. lets wait who is going to create this milestone bb ki vines or Amit ? just comment here and tell us what you guys thinks

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